Modern Italy; economic, political and cultural development of a modern society


20th July 2015
2 weeks



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Milan, Italy

This course offers a dive into modern (business) life in a country well-known for holding the most world heritage sites in the world: Italy. The city of Milan offers a great opportunity to experience how Italians master combining their rich history with modern developments.

The course offers the dynamic experience of the large city of Milan, known worldwide for its top-class fashion and design industry. Discover the second-most populous city in Italy that developed into a vast polycentric metropolitan area. Already during the Middle Ages Milan flourished as a commercial and banking center. During the early 1900s, Milan led the industrialization process of the young nation of Italy, being at the very center of the economic, social, and political debate. Nowadays Milan is the main industrial, commercial, and financial centre of Italy and a leading global city. Milan’s museums and sights attract millions of visitors per year.

Challenge yourself to find out how the Milanese manage to maintain strong ties with their historic and cultural heritage, while running world-famous modern companies so successfully.

Target audience

Students of the social sciences, including economics and business, political sciences, European studies, international relations, history, culture studies and sociology, the sciences and engineering at senior undergraduate or graduate level with an interest in culture, business, society and politics. A general background in social sciences (business) may help, but no specific expertise is required.

Course aim

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe and evaluate different theories and conceptualisations of the historic development of Europe
  • Discern and analyse the European aspects of globalization versus localization
  • Demonstrate an understanding of these developments in written and verbal form

Course fee

€1295 (incl. housing)
Course fee includes entrance fees for all field trips that are part of the course programme.


Advanced Bachelor

Study load

12 hours of lectures per week; 12 hours of field trips per week (obligatory part of the course programme); appr. 30 hours of self study per week