International Affairs in Business

6th July 2015
2 weeks



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Rome, Italy

This course provides an insight into the challenges of doing business internationally, taking European business – almost by nature internationally oriented and strongly focused on intercultural aspects of doing business across borders – as a starting point. Explore the challenges faced by companies doing business internationally, the solutions they find, and gain insight on how business cultures in Europe and the world influence the decision-making processes. Focus on new business models, corporate social responsibility, sustainable innovation, and creative approaches to brand identity – all strategies used by companies to prepare for the future. This course combines a theoretical and practical approach. Interactive lectures, group assignments and company visits will help you to shape your views on what works and what doesn’t.

Having the capacity to deal with an ever-changing environment is turning out to be the single most important factor for companies to remain in business successfully. This course combines an (further) introduction to international business in the first week, by focusing on intercultural aspects of business across borders, on international finance and international marketing. The second week of the programme allows you to dive deeper into the world of marketing and marketing communication by exploring two case studies of international business that the city of Rome is famous for throughout the world: the film industry and tourism. Of course guest lectures of successful professionals in these fields, as well as field trips to important venues for these industries (e.g. Cinecittà Studios, the Colosseum) will be part of the course programme.
This course can also be combined with course I3 Modern Italy; economic, political and cultural development of a modern society.

Target audience

Bachelor students in the field of business, marketing and finance, and (Bachelor and Master) students who have some background and/or a strong interest in these fields and doing business internationally. A good command of English is necessary.

Course aim

At the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe and evaluate different theories on international business
  • Discern and analyse key factors in facilitating developments in international finance, marketing and marketing communication
  • Demonstrate an understanding of political, socio-economic and cultural aspects of the European business developments
  • Demonstrate this detailed and critical knowledge and understanding in written and verbal form.

Course fee

€1295 (course + course materials + housing)
Course fee includes transport and entrance fees for all field trips that are part of the course programme.



Study load

12 hours of lectures per week; 12 hours of field trips per week (obligatory part of the course programme); appr. 30 hours of self study per week

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